Ground Down to Rise Up: Yoga and Meditation Retreat With Den Meditation

WhereThe Brampton in the Adirondacks Warrensburg, New York 

When: August 17th -23rd

About: Take time for you ...

Remember when you were a child, before you learned that life was hard, or that you were not enough, or that you needed to be responsible and “grow up” to make it in this world? Can you think back to a time when you didn’t have a care in the world and could spend your days exploring and running wildly through the grass—dirty, barefoot and breathless from playing, laughing, living? With wide eyes and a full heart, your experience of life was full and completely in the present moment.

Now close your eyes.

Try and remember the last time you felt this way—free, grounded and truly connected to yourself, like you were living directly from your heart space. Remember a time when you felt seen, heard and were surrounded by loving and like-minded people.

We live in a fast and sometimes chaotic world, most of us existing primarily in our busy minds. We spend countless hours analyzing, worrying, thinking and consuming information. We appear to be connected in every way, yet many of us are more disconnected than ever.

This retreat is for anyone who simply wants to create a little more space to breathe.

All levels welcome. All you need to bring is yourself and an open heart.