Mama Love Collective: A Virtual Gathering for Mindful Mama's


Mama Love Collective: A Virtual Gathering for Mindful Mama's


Hey Mama's 

Pepper and I are passionate about creating a community that's safe, accessible, and judgment free. Pleas join us.

Edition No. 1 

When: April 18th 11AM - 12PM

Where: Class will be held on zoom, a virtual and FREE platform. A recording will be sent to all, so don't worry if you can't make the LIVE session. 

Details: Room to Breathe: Self Care Rituals (Note: if you can take the hour to yourself, great. If not, no problem at all - babies + children welcome) 

This will be an open conversation for those who have specific questions or would like to share. We'll be offering self care rituals on and off the mat, journaling exercises, guided meditation, and more. 

Exchange: $22.00 - Number 22 carries the energies and attributes of intuition and emotion, balance and harmony, adaptability, personal power, expansion and evolution.

About your Guides:

I believe in the healing power of love and acceptance. I am here to guide you but more importantly empower you to live in your truth and align with your heart. I am deeply committed to this work and feel so honored to provide a safe and supportive space, wherever you may be on your journey. I am a nurturer, a yoga, meditation + breath guide, writer and spiritual mentor.

Pepper is an intuitive healer, a nurturing believer, and a compassionate creator. The environment she creates is warm, welcoming and super supportive. She takes you to the depths of your internal guidance and speaks in a language that truly resonates on a soul level. Pepper is a Breathwork teacher, Reiki practitioner and yoga instructor. She has practiced the healing arts for 18 years and has studied with some of the world’s leading masters. Her private classes, workshops and training's encourage spirit seekers toward creativity and self-discovery with ways to approach their life with generosity and an open heart.


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