Virtual Offering; Sacred Momma Circle


Virtual Offering; Sacred Momma Circle


Powerful Mommas,

I'm honored to hold space for you this way and feel it's so important we stick together and keep in real on this journey. 

First session will be Sunday Feb 25th - LIVE time 10AM (recording will be sent to all)


Offerings include but are not limited to;,

Short yoga + meditation on and off the mat to incorporate into our everyday lives, journaling exercises, guided meditation + breathwork to be practiced alone or with your little, and more. 

I want this to be as fluid and open as possible. I have an idea of structure/topics/practices but want each of you to feel like you are an active participant. 

Time: Sessions will be 45 minutes (link will be sent so don't worry if you miss the LIVE session)

Exchange: $22.00 - Number 22 carries the energies and attributes of intuition and emotion, balance and harmony, adaptability, personal power, expansion and evolution.

Please email me if you are craving something specific. For example; a grounding home practice, a vent session, or easy and healthy recipes for you and your family. Anything you think would improve your quality of life is likely something one of us would benefit from as well.Hope you will join us.




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