The Work: A Virtual 7 Week Mentorship


The Work: A Virtual 7 Week Mentorship


The Work -

We all need a little help sometimes and it’s not always easy to ask for it and sometimes harder to commit to it. This course is meant to support you on your journey and empower you to take control of your own healing. I’ve made a conscious effort to choose 7 different women who have participated in my mentorship program. They all have something unique to offer.

How Does it Work?

The first class will be sent to your inbox on Monday, August 27th, you will receive one per week for 7 weeks! Each class will be prerecorded with a different guide to bring you thoughtful and diverse discussions and practices including but not limited to:  

·      Meditation

·      Eating for your chakras recipes) meal prep ideas etc.  

·      Yoga sequences

·      Conscious parenting practices

·      Boundaries in relationships

·      Identifying + breaking pattens cycles

·      Dance

·      Intuitive movement

·      Early education (the importance of mindfulness from birth)

·      Getting “unstuck”

·      Working with the elements

*These will come to your inbox every Monday for 7 weeks.

What’s included

·      Weekly prerecorded sessions to watch and study with. .

·      Guided soul work to do OYO

·      Email support from me

·      One virtual 1:1 session with me at the end of the course (to the first 10 people who register)

Is there a syllabus?

We will move through the Chakras, first introducing what that even means and then supporting you on a journey from your roots to your crown. I have chosen a theme for each week; the rest will unfold as it is meant to.

Week 1 – Intro with Nina

Root Chakra –  w/ Bianca – Home


Week 2

Sacral Chakra w/ – Britt Kaplan


Week 3

Solar Plexus Chakra w/ – Jen – Empower  


Week 4

Heart Chakra w/ – Kate– Softness


Week 5

Throat Chakra w/ – Bianca – Purpose


Week 6

Third Eye Chakra– Anna


Week 7

Crown – w/ Nina – Connection


Bonus : Britt C– Educate yourself  


Exchange: $222.00 for those who Pre Register, Exchange is 333.00 after September 1

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